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Finding The Perfect Pair

The perfect pair of glasses won't come from pushy salespeople or flashy magazine ads. You need to wear the frames, get opinions from friends, and of course, model a few different looks. That's why we give you 5 days to find the perfect pair. Choose any 5 frames (sun or prescription) and have them delivered to your home. Once you have properly chosen your new glasses, send the package back and we will mail you a brand new pair, prescription included!

How Does It Work?

It's as easy as 1,2,3,4!

1. Simply find 5 pairs of glasses and instead of clicking "Add To Cart", just click "Try @Home".
2. Proceed to the checkout page and go through the Checkout Process.
3. Try the glasses out for five days until you find the perfect pair.
4. Ship the glasses back and order the pair you'd like.

When you ship your fitting box back with all of your try-on frames, feel free to donate an old pair of eyeglasses in the extra space provided. We'll make sure your oldies but goodies find a new home for a person in need.

All try at home sunglasses orders ship with clear lenses.

Is Try @Home Free Of Charge?

Yes and No. When you are checking out, you will be charged a $12 fee. This fee covers the processing and assembly of the glasses you've ordered. Right after your purchase you will be emailed a coupon code good for $12, to be used when you're purchasing your pair. If you still want to see how you'd look in our glasses but don't want to pay the $12 processing fee, you can use our Try Online application absolutely free.